Fashion Tips for the Modern Man

This is for the 21st century man looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends and styles. Men’s fashion styles have evolved from the days of print tees and baggy jeans into a more mature style. If you spend a considerable amount of time thinking “how do I dress fashionably”, these tips are sure to help you develop a sense for fashion that catches the eye.

The following tips will have you looking like a classic man. That is not to say you must adopt the same style as a legion of other men. There are loads of different styles to pick from and experiment with.

  • Wear Fitted Clothes

Be sure to wear form fitting shirts and pants that show off your physique. Wearing baggy attire will have you looking like, for lack of a better term,  a shrunken man. Choose from our selection of fitted shirts, casual and corporate wear. We offer high quality designer suits that are sure to command respect and also boost your confidence. Our selection of fitted office shirts are specially designed for the modern office man who understands that dressing fashionable is a part of the corporate world. Wearing this style of clothing gives you a vibe of knowing just what you want and an air of confidence.

  • Accessorize

Fashion accessories for men are a godsend. Choosing the right accessories to go with your outfit will give more personality and an extra wow factor. Debonair Gent Menswear offers a vast catalog of essential men’s accessories- from glasses that give you a mysterious, sexy vibe, to hats that, used appropriately, will earn you tons of compliments. Picking the right accessory is a huge part of having  great fashion style, so let us help you pop! We offer the most fashionable men’s accessories- glasses, ties, designer wristwatches, hats, colorful socks, wallets and classic men’s bags.

  • Casual Yet Classy

Dressing casual has become an art form. You can’t afford to look like someone from a 90s sitcom in the name of dressing casually. Print T-shirts were never in style and should be avoided religiously. Stock your wardrobe with fitting plain-colored shirts that can be combined with a nice pair of chinos or jeans. Our catalog is filled with classy casual outfits for men that are not only comfortable, but also breathtakingly trendy. You have a lot of options when shopping for casual outfits, you can choose from our collection of designer dress shirts and sweaters to help create your perfect look.